Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Short Story(The Test)

The Test

As I woke up from my dusty old bed in my dorm, I felt as if today was going to be a good day. You see today is the day I get my Unicorn spell. Today is also my best friend, Samantha,'s birthday. There was some condition to get the spell but I could not remember what. Oh yeah I almost forgot my name is Natalie, Natalie Jadegem. As I walked into Ravenwood some of my fellow life students were talking near Bartleby. They all had worried looks on their faces. The bell did not ring for another 30 minutes, so I started heading over to the Life classroom. When I raised my head to look at the beautiful carvings on the door I saw a sign made out of the wood of a summer tree. The sign said "Students remember to get any spell you must take a test!"  I hadn't studied at all, I completely forgot all the notes, and I was really tired. Then suddenly I looked at the clock above the Ravenwood gate. I had 10 seconds. I was standing there for 25 minutes! The reason I was so freaked out was because Samantha loved Unicorns and I said I would give her the best present ever to be able to ride one. Then I heard the bell ring and my mind went blank.
    I heard whispers all around the classroom, all about me standing there looking at the sign for so long. Everyone laughed and pointed, but when Professor Wu came in all fell silent. Today class we are going to be reading about the trees in Ravenwood. Assistant Professor Leafcall will be teaching you today. Natalie come with me please. I followed Moolinda into the Life tower. Moolinda sat down in her desk and told me to cast a Unicorn. She said I had three tries, but I only needed one to succeed. I created the Life symbol and then attempted casting the Unicorn. What came out was not a Unicorn but only a Imp. I repeated but this time it was not a Unicorn or Imp but a Leprechaun. Then I thought about Samantha and I tried one more time this time it worked. Suddenly some roots came out of the floorboards and tangled in them was the Unicorn card. I picked it up and then said thank you.I could not wait to show Samantha the Unicorn. Moolinda then passed back a smile and suddenly disappeared. I then walked out of the Life tower. The sun was shining brightly and then I realized this was going to be not a good day but a great one!

Hope you liked the story. I want you guys to elaborate in the comments on what the moral of the story is. See ya in the Spiral.

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