Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is a new segment I will be doing in some of my posts called connections. It will be connecting Wizard 101 to real life. I'm going to start with gardening.
    Gardening is a fairly new update released last December. Now I won't go into what gardening is and how you do it because chances are you know it better then me. Now as everyone's noticed the plants in Wizard 101 are crazy,weird, and magical. For example the snapdragon which looks very nice in real life, but in Wizard 101 they look just like their name insists.Red dragons with wings and a stem rooted in the ground. Another plant that exists in both real life and Wizard 101 are baby carrots. Baby carrots are necessarily smaller carrots but in Wizard 101 this goes a step forward. In the game baby carrots wear diapers and are constantly crying. You even feel sad for them at times.My final example is the dandelion. Its a pesky plant that invades backyards in summer and leaves white seeds everywhere. When dandelions start out they're a nice yellow flower but again in Wizard 101 its a step forward. There is those same nice yellow flower petals but in the middle is th face of lion it actually looks a little sad. Quick thing in real life plants lean towards sunlight but in Wizard 101 they lean towards you. Maybe this says your the sun of the game? Anyway thats it for the first connections.Happy Gardening!

Real LifeWizard 101
Real Life Wizard 101
Real LifeWizard 101

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