Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Get Started in the Community

I'm sure somewhere in the spiral there are wizards who want to get involved with the community they might not know how so any wizards who are fit comfortably into the Wizard 101 community can skip this post.

1.Join Diary of a Wizard Connect X-A lot of wizards are on this site and many of them are deeply involved with the community. Here you can meet new people all the time.

2.Join Wizard 101 Central-This site is a forum for the game. Just by reading threads you learn a lot all the time. Even experts learn here

3.-Start a Blog-Blogs are great way to express your feeling individually. Then people get to know you better!

4.-Go to Parties-Usually there is at least one party a week. These parties are great places to meet new people and say hi to old friends!

5.-Listen to Ravenwood Radio-Ravenwood Radio is a podcast about Wizard 101. Its a great place to learn new things and see different perspectives. Its also fun to chat in the chat room.

6.-Host a Party-Hosting a party is a great way to meet new people but try to make sure it has at least a week notice!

7.Help Out in the Petnome-Help the community by putting your pets Talents into the Petnome, so then everyone will be able to get the perfect pet!

8-Join Twitter and Facebook-If your parents let you join Twitter and/or Facebook again its a great way to connect with other wizards!

See ya in the Spiral!

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