Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zafaria Progress

Hi guys I know I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy but I have been keeping up with all the news. Its been about a week since Zafaria was released and many are already done! I have been taking it slow and haven't made it to the Savannah yet due to the fact that I want this content to last. Honestly I love Zafaria the entire update was full of good. I can't seem to find a negative point other then no new school pets. I'll be back into the posting cycle during December so See ya in the Spiral!


  1. Benjamin DragonswordNovember 27, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    who knows maybe they'll have a later update with new school pets (Celestia didn't have school pets but they put them in with Wintertusk).

  2. While you're waiting for new school pests, I mean Pets, here some Monkeys for you.

    Here's something that might help you along the way. Find the monkeys quest:
    First visit Zeke up in Baobab Crown,

    Baobab Market - hidden behind barrels at the back of building by river

    Savannah - before you enter the Lion temple for final fight, look around tent area to get monkey.

    Waterfront - gotta get Giraffe quest and entry to Stone Town. Talk to Giraffe in Library at Waterfront. Other monkey is at left side of palace entrance.

    Zamunda outskirts - Monkey is at tent near Myth elephants, close to river.

    Zamunda - gotta get quest from the zebra queen. You'll need to fight Storm bug and death minion. After fight monkey is sitting by wall.

    Elephant Graveyard - from the pathway to queen Elissa's tomb, turn left, follow the moat until you find a tomb stone with the monkey sitting there.

  3. The Zumunda Monkey is in the "Magicians House" with the storm bug.


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