Monday, October 11, 2010

All of the Level 58 Spells Discovered!

Now we have discovered all of the lvl 58 spells! My favorite is probably the Forest Lord spell Life gets. Arlen Dawneyes(A good friend of mine) elaborated on this check out his post here! Be sure to check out the post TFN has made showing all the spells clearly in video! Slash out the giant Celestia post, instead  I have decided to write a story I am going to be kind of cryptic I have some in mind whichever you pick will be the title and also the topic! So please vote on which you like the best!

The Final Sunset-This story takes place in Celestia it tells my interpretation of what happened to Celestia before it sank under the sea. This is based on what Kingsisle has told us and probably will be incorrect.

Wizard Daily-This story is about this reporter who works in Wizard City the paper has become very dry and it might close down. She must find an amazing scoop before the end of the month or an evil conspiracy will rise.

When Shadows Die-This story is about a boy who is dying. Read about his dark past and why he is in this situation.

Lightning Rod-This story is about four kids. When Halston Balestorm creates a robot an evil spirit floats inside. Now the kids must stop the spirit/robot before it achieves its ultimate goal. To bring back the storm titan to destroy the other schools!

Don't forget to vote on which one you like the best! See ya in the spiral!

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