Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Colors

Well this is a little late but I have completely changed my blog to match with fall. Someone should really do a Halloween party. Well we all know that Celestia is coming out very soon. I am very excited I have a feeling its going to be great. To get us all in the fall mood I wrote a little poem.

I wake up and see the trees
they look different in a way
there colors widely vivid
shades of red,yellow,and orange
I feel like they light up the earth

Some pumpkins sit right there
on my doorstep
all big orange and plump
then I hear a thump

I look onto a tree to see a sight
a squirrel
waking up from the chilly windy night

I realize it is fall
all great and colorful
the trees shed there leaves people trick or treat
the smell of wood fills the air
fall sure comes with flair

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