Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get Ready!

Get your Wizards into coats bundle up your pets and get those wands ready. Wintertusk is coming into the live game tomorrow. The game will be offline from 12 to 7 A.M. for Kingsisle to input this amazing update. So many new things are being added I can't wait. Read the update notes on the Wizard 101 website for full details. One of the best things(In my opinion) is the level 58 pets we've all been waiting for. The Wintertusk storyline is supposed to be amazing, can't wait to play through it(but first I have to stop being lazy and finish up Ravenscar). I'm going to Niagara Falls from Thursday-Sunday so I might not be able to post. I have a story coming up that I hope you'll like. Just a little hint about the plot(in riddle form) "The Waves have not settled in the land of life, for death is falling upon many who wander around day or night, what is wrong with the land could this be the work of a spirits hand? One wizard from the rice fields must take a stand lest shadows of plague shall destroy the village and cropland." I hope it sounds interesting when I reveal the title you'll be saying "are you serious, thats the most pathetic title ever" but I tried to make it sound a little comical. Anyway see you in Wintertusk!

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