Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Template and Myth Wiz Diary 2

Hi guys, hope you like the new template. I felt like mountains were more fitting for the blog. If anybody dislikes it comment and tell me. (Myth Wiz Diary 2)-My Ice wizard (Cody) has dominated the Pyramid of The Sun. The fire monsters there didn't stand a chance. I also got the awesome Ice Armor spell which is proving to be very useful. Sadly Cody is having tons of trouble in the Krokosphinx. The monsters kill me before I can prism trap and attack. Connor has been doing some crafting  and is getting closer to completing part one of the Dragonspyre crafting quest. He has also been doing some pvp to get him ready for Celestia./ Thats it so see ya in the spiral!

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