Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pvp Tips

We all know pvp is hard to do so here are some tips from warlords(and me) to help us all out.
First up an interview with pvp warlord Samantha Darkflame.
Q:What attracted you to the world of pvp?
A:I just loved the commander gear with the wings lol.
Q:What is your favorite strategy?
A: First I feint, then I use a tower on myself, and when I get 7 power pips I use Judgement.
Q:If you could change anything about pvp what would it be?
A:I would make it so that it would be more balanced when you lose and win. I.E when you lose you lose 10 rank and when you win you gain 10.
Q:Do you have any tips for new pvpers?
A:Never give up and make sure to have tower shield.
Thanks Samantha!

Now the 10 top tips for winning in Pvp
By:Katherine Sunstone and Connor Mistblade
1.Shield a lot it will help you go far.
2.Make sure your only putting in cards you need.
3.Heal when you need too,don't delay it otherwise you could die.
4.Make sure you have a good power pip percentage, it can really help you.
5.Have a good resist, that will help you win.
Now my tips-
6.Make sure you know how to play against each school
7.Keep some heals,toughs, and keens in your sideboard those will become useful when you are losing
8.Be kind to your opponent(s).
9.When playing with a group communication is vital.
10.Have Fun!

Hope those will help lots of people see ya in the spiral.


  1. Um, dude people know this I'm a Warlord. *Sigh* :P

  2. Hey, great post! I'm not much of a PvPer, but this could really apply to PvE too!


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