Saturday, July 3, 2010

Silver Collosus and Kensington Team

Hi guys you probably know why I made this post. I got the Silver Collosus! Vaden is an awesome pet and now my second favorite. He will never beat my loyal orthrus Spike who I consider not my pet, but my partner. Here is a picture of Vaden above. Also I really want that Seraph pet so I am looking for a team to run Kensington for a while with. You must..................

.be a grandmaster
.have text chat or open chat
.want the seraph
.be on often for example at least once every two days
.be a team person
.have beaten Malistaire
be an active community member
I hope you guys join I will tell you when all three positions are filled if you want to join just email me at with the name of your wizard their level, school, and name. Only one wizard per person. See ya in the Spiral.

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