Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dullness+ Basic Celestian Deck Construction for MOBS

Well this blog is getting really dull and boring (no wonder I have only 12 followers). So I am going to TRY to bring you guys an interesting topic everyday. So today's topic will be ideal deck construction for mobs in Celestia. Now this may not work for your battle style or school but it should be pretty general

Now here you want to try to skim down your deck. Keep 3-4 good powerful single hit(or double hit if your myth). Another good plan is to keep 3-6 aoe(s) in your deck.Your aoe(s) are your best friend in Celestia. As we all know Celestian mobs gain pips rapidly which means you almost have to kill your enemies in one or two attacks. You should keep many blades depending on your play style. I don't use traps too much time to double trap. Your mileage may very. The basic goal here is to kill all the enemies in the duel ring in less then or equal to three attacks.A minion may be an extra option here but it could waste some slots in your hand. I recommend having only one or two heals(if you have some) just in case your health drops. Remember I am no expert different strategies may work for you I hope this helps.
See ya in the Spiral
-Connor Mistblade

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