Friday, November 5, 2010

New Template!+Story!

A new winter template has been added as you can see. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. A perfect place for Christina Icedreamer! Now lets get down to business. I realize this blog is not stellar. So could you guys comment on this post about how I could improve the blog for the better of everyone . I am thinking of doing that story again,well there was a tie there so I thought about it and the new template really inspired me so the story I am writing will be called  The Forbidden Frost. Here is the prologue.......

Many of the returning and new Ravenwood students had settled in as it was now early December. As all the young wizards and the Ravenwood Faculty were asleep something magical happened. A sheet of snow covered the ground. This was no ordinary snow, it glistened like a diamond. Even the legendary Ice wizard Proffesor Greyrose could not cast snow this beautiful. This only meant one thing the forbidden frost had returned. Before even Headmaster Ambrose was born every winter came a great frost. The frost became more and more beautiful over time. Till the students started getting frozen by its incredible beauty. The frost slowly crept up their feet and it engulfed them in ice. When that happened a great wind would blow the ice into pieces forever destroying the wizard inside it. Only ice wizards were not effected by the frost. The reason this frost came every year was because it was sent by the Ice Giants who despised the other schools. The professors came together and sealed the curse permanently till now. Someone has awakened the giants, and Proffesor Greyrose is no where to be found. The forbidden frost has returned and this time it will not be vanquished.

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