Monday, November 8, 2010

The Forbidden Frost (Part 1)

I woke up in the morning shivering my legs were almost numb being an Ice wizard a cold spell should not have affected me. I got up shaking the numbness was slowly fading. Of course my mom had to say I needed to keep the window open so I could get fresh air, when really she keeps all the windows in the house open in the house so that she can use her fire powers if she needs to in the middle of the night. Honestly I don't get why she would need to do that but as long as I don't get in trouble i'm fine. Looking out my window was like looking at Wizard City painted white. There was snow everywhere it covered the ground like a bed sheet. Many young wizards were playing in it throwing snow balls and such. I did not have time for such childish games the only thing I want to do now is to go back to Ravenwood for my Ice classes which would be even more fun today now that snow littered the ground. I looked at one child's shoe and saw a little icicle forming on it, cute I thought. "Kelsey come down for breakfast!" said my mom I quickly ran down the stairs, I was excited because my mom made something good I could smell it. That and some smoke of course when I get down the counter is on fire. I quickly douse it with a freeze spell then my mom says thank you and all that stuff. Thats when I heard it my wand had been updated with the top news for today. It was not the frost that was on the front page though it was the disappearance of Professor Greyrose.

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