Sunday, July 3, 2011

Roasted Halfang with a Side of Grilled Raven

Hi guys sorry for not posting in a while. Anyway on to today's post, I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite bosses. So get ready for story(maybe poem) time.
             Once there was a pig who was very mean
In no way was he lean
His friend a Raven stood at his side
Little did they know they both would be fried. 
The raven escaped abandoning his friend
Soon after that Halfang met his end
100 years later the Raven returned
To share some exciting news he had learned
A group called the Coven were going to rise from the shadows
And no he had not hear this on the radio
A wizard suddenly came and ran in
Challenging Halfang to face the beasts from whiten
The battle raged for a few minutes so 
Halfang was roasted, wizard destroying his foe
If you haven't guessed what boss I'm talking about then your answer is Halfang! This guy is in Vestrilund and has studied in the school of storm with his raven friend being myth. Both he and his bird brain friend have less then 2000 health and AMAZING drops. Some of the amulets he drops sell up to 12000 gold a piece! In about 45 minutes my gold went from 17000 to 90000. Here are some pictures of me and Heather Raven farming him this morning.

Don't forget to help support the guardians of HiaG as they fight to protect Homework.
See ya in the Spiral!

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