Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tiny Moodha, Mason in the Krokosphinx, and Story Discontinued

Hi wizards this morning new housing items came into the spiral! I'm not going to list them here, go log in and see them yourself. All of them are in the crowns shop.(Note that the Moodha statue is tiny!) Also I think I'm going to discontinue the story I had a great plan for it but I really couldn't organize a true plot for it. I'll just give you a quick peek at what the plot was. After dying the characters find themselves in the Spiral where they talk to Merle and Gamma and find out what school of magic they are. Suddenly they all wake up in a Hospital where they realize they almost died but Merle saved them, They eventually venture between the Spiral and Earth combating evil on both worlds. I really couldn't think of a good plot for a villain so we'll just stop the fan-fiction maybe I'll restart it sometime. Lastly Mason has made it to the Krokosphinx. When your playing a storm wizard everything seems to go a lot faster. I'm almost level 20 and I have some great gear for Mason when he finally reaches the level. (If your wondering about Cody since I haven't posted about him in about 8 months he's in the grand chasm, almost finished with it actually) See ya in the Spiral!

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