Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shirataki Temple:Divide and Conquer

  Shirataki Temple is one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game and is a unique one too. "As you emerge from the dense bamboo forest you see a small lake with a quaint island in the middle, but above it lies a temple carved into a rock face from the purest jade in Mooshu. How could a place so beautiful and pure be the place of the Plague Oni? As you approach the temple you vow to make things right by defeating the monster, but Wave bringer has conjured up a force field of storm magic preventing you from advancing further. After a few quests you find the final task to destroy the force field, to purify four temples of Spirit, Earth, Air, and Fire." Now this is my favorite part. The cool thing about this dungeon is that its the only dungeon in the main storyline that allows you to separate from the group and take things upon your own hands to purify the temple. Since there are four temples that allows groups of four to tackle all the temples simultaneously. No other dungeon makes you do four different tasks where each can be completed by one person. When you separate it feels as if the entire group is counting on you to do your task. Which most try very hard to accomplish. I know the post didn't have too much relevance to anything but I just felt like sharing this with everyone. See ya in the Spiral!

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