Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween boys and girls of the Spiral. Many of you guys are going trick-or-treating today so here are some tips to help you stay safe.
1.Trick-or-Treat with a group
2.Don't wander from the group
3.If any Candy or Chocolate looks suspicious tell an adult.
4.Make sure your mask if not to sweaty, tight, or obscures your vision
5.If it is cold outside wear a jacket under your costume

Happy Halloween
-Connor Mistblade

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Amber and Jessica

I am sorry you two are quitting. You two were two of the greatest bloggers in the community thanks for tons of laughs, fun, and so much more!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Blogoversery Heather Raven!

You guys probably all know my friend Heather Raven I would just like to wish The Wandering Conjurer a happy Blogoversery. Heather makes us laugh all the time. Her writing style is plain out amazing and she has a picture in almost every post. If you don't read her blog then.........lets just say you should, or Spike might be visiting.Anyway wish her a Happy Blogoversery here.See ya in the Spiral!

Monday, October 11, 2010

All of the Level 58 Spells Discovered!

Now we have discovered all of the lvl 58 spells! My favorite is probably the Forest Lord spell Life gets. Arlen Dawneyes(A good friend of mine) elaborated on this check out his post here! Be sure to check out the post TFN has made showing all the spells clearly in video! Slash out the giant Celestia post, instead  I have decided to write a story I am going to be kind of cryptic I have some in mind whichever you pick will be the title and also the topic! So please vote on which you like the best!

The Final Sunset-This story takes place in Celestia it tells my interpretation of what happened to Celestia before it sank under the sea. This is based on what Kingsisle has told us and probably will be incorrect.

Wizard Daily-This story is about this reporter who works in Wizard City the paper has become very dry and it might close down. She must find an amazing scoop before the end of the month or an evil conspiracy will rise.

When Shadows Die-This story is about a boy who is dying. Read about his dark past and why he is in this situation.

Lightning Rod-This story is about four kids. When Halston Balestorm creates a robot an evil spirit floats inside. Now the kids must stop the spirit/robot before it achieves its ultimate goal. To bring back the storm titan to destroy the other schools!

Don't forget to vote on which one you like the best! See ya in the spiral!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Celestia Update

Well now that the Celestia update has come so much has been going on right now I am on the floating land. Forget about the Halloween thing I was kind of doing this is way better. Well so far we have discovered three spells LeviathanClick the image to open in full size. EfreertClick the image to open in full size.Snow Angel(above)

Look for a detailed post about Celestia coming soon

Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it is finally here Celestia!
I am so excited you the readers have a chance to influence which new school should I train in I was thinking Moon but I want you guys to sway me remember to post a reason why.
Cya in Celestia

Celestia Opens!

Journey to Celestia!
Merle has determined that Celestia is safe for his strongest Wizard students!

New quests, new badges, new reagents, new creatures, new friends and new foes, new mounts, new pets, new spells and many new adventures await!

Players who have reached level 48 and completed the Dragonspyre quest "The Final Countdown" should speak to Merle Ambrose for more information about Celestia.

Level Cap Increase & New School Spells

Wizard101 has added 10 more levels! Level 50 players will see the return of their experience bar. Level 50 players can once again earn new experience from quests and duels.

With this level cap increase, come new Rank 8 Spells! These spells are available at level 58, but only through a quest from your Professor, so watch for those ToolTip messages! The rest of the new spells you'll have to discover on your adventures!

You will not receive experience from prior quests and duels that you completed when you were level 50.

New Schools of Magic - Sun Magic

Celestia will introduce 3 new schools of magic to Wizard101. These schools of magic are Sun, Moon, and Star. The Sun, Moon, and Star schools are designed to work as supplementary schools to your existing.
  Sun Magic (Enchantments)

The focus of the Sun School is primarily on enchantments. Enchantments from the Sun School operate in the same manner as all other enchantments in the game. At the basic level they just give boosts to accuracy and damage but at higher levels they will include mutates and larger bonuses. One of the differences between Sun School enchantments and other in-game enchantments is that cards enchanted with Sun School cards disappear after combat is resolved. Sun School cards cannot be used on Rank 0 spells or Rank X spells.

  Mutate Spells
Mutation spells are a big part of Sun Magic, such as this Mutate Kraken into Inferno Kraken!

Cloak Spell
Cloak has returned in a big way! Some of you may recall finding a Cloak Treasure card in the past, and we've brought this dynamic back to the game, with enhancements!
A Cloak enchantment card may be used on spell cards that are flagged as charms or wards and it disguises the spell to opponents, a very valuable Player vs Player tool!

Look for these and other new Sun Magic Enchantment spells in Celestia.

New Schools of Magic - Moon Magic

Moon Magic (Polymorph)

The moon school is focused on polymorphing. Polymorph is a new way to play Wizard101 where players can use a spell card to transform the caster into another being and swap out their spell deck! You will not only LOOK like a creature, but you will also gain a whole new set of statistics for accuracy, health, pip chance, and more...allowing you to play different roles when grouping with friends. If a duel contains two Life Wizards on one side, one can cast the Draconian polymorph that will boost their damage. If a duel contains two Storm Wizards, one could cast the Gobbler polymorph to change their abilities to suit the duel and the partners in that duel.

  Polymorphs happen by using a spell card and only last for a limited time (in rounds).

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's Appearance. Players will take on the appearance of the Polymorph spell they cast.

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's Stats. A Polymorph will affect a players Max Health ( Current Health is proportionally converted ), Power Pip Chance, School of Focus, Accuracy, Resistance to Damage, Vulnerabilities and Damage.

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's spell Deck The new spell deck completely replaces the spell deck that the player was using previously

A Polymorphed player reverts back to their normal selves when the polymorph time has expired.

New Schools of Magic - Star Magic

Star School (Auras)

The star school will be focused around a new type of magic called Auras. Auras are magical energy that surround and protect or strengthen the Wizard. Auras are unique and different from other magic in that they can't be stacked, broken, or dispelled but they will disappear over time. Auras can boost accuracy, damage, resistance, or even convert incoming spells to pips for you.

Auras are cast as normal spells and can only have a target of "Self". Auras have a timer on them that is counted in rounds. After this timer is complete the aura is removed. Auras cannot be stacked with other Auras and Casting a subsequent Aura spell will replace the previous one.

Effects of Auras
Auras have a few different special effect types that will be specific to them such as Stun Resistance, Pip Conversion, Accuracy Boost, Resistance Boost and Damage Boost.

  Specific Auras
Aura of Fortification ( Blue ) - This grants the player 15% resistance to all attacks.
Aura of Amplification ( Red ) - The grants the player a 15% bonus to outgoing damage.
Aura of Precision ( Green ) - This grants the player a 10% bonus to accuracy.
Aura of Conviction ( Yellow ) - This grants the player 90% resistance to stuns and 20% block chance.
Aura of Empowerment ( Purple ) - This grants the player an extra pip every time a rank 4 or higher spell is used on him / her.
Aura of Vengeance ( Orange ) - This grants the player a 20% boost to their critical hit chance. 

Critical and Block Statistics

Critical and Block Statistics
  The Critical and Block system is an addition to the existing dueling system that allows players to perform Critical Hits on opponents and avoid incoming Critical Hits. This will give players new strategies and defenses in combat and new ways to further build up their Wizard!

You'll notice your character sheet has changed a little. Press C to see a panel like this one.

The two new stats being added to the game are called Critical Hit Rating and Block Rating
Critical Hit Rating increase the player's chance of getting a critical hit.
Block Rating increases the player's chance of avoiding incoming critical hits.
Players will gain Critical Hit and Block bonuses from equipment.

The chance for a critical hit or a block is calculated AFTER fizzle and accuracy. When a spell fizzles no calculation for critical hit or block is made.
Charms, Enchantments, Wards, Manipulations and Globals are not subject to the Block / Critical system. Heals cannot be Blocked, but they can Critical!

You will also notice with these Critical and Block Statistics, that the Combat Rating System displays as a numeric value and not a percentage.
Equipment will have values of "+14 Block Rating" as opposed to the "+1% Block" style of statistic you are accustomed to seeing.

Reagent Updates

  Reagent Updates
Say goodbye to the woe of buying and selling individual reagents. Reagents can now be purchased and sold in bulk at the Bazaar and Reagent Vendors!
Reagents in the Shared Bank
Hurray! Reagents can now be placed in your Shared Bank! These Reagents are under the 'Cards' tab. Theydo not count towards your total items in the Shared Bank, but have their own limit of 999 of each type.

Deck Updates

Deck Updates
  Many players seem to end up selling their last deck, or unequipping their deck and finding themselves in a duel with only their wand to support them.

  To prevent this from occurring players are no longer able to sell the last deck in their backpack. This will ensure that all players always have at least one deck.  

Should, for some reason, you manage to unequip that deck, you will receive a warning message when you close your spellbook.

You are still responsible for putting spells in your decks!

Even after all that, if you manage to enter a duel with only your wand spells, you have the option to FLEE and then equip and build your deck in safety.

Inventory Updates

Reagents and Snacks in the Shared Bank
Hurray! Pet Snacks and Reagents can now be placed in your Shared Bank! These Pet Snacks and Reagents are under the 'Cards' tab. They do not count towards your total items in the Shared Bank, but have their own limits.
  Inventory Amounts
Players can more easily see how many items are in their backpack and bank, so you'll know when you're getting full and have to take a trip to the Bazaar!
  Trash Confirmation
Trash button confirmation must now be clicked. You must click YES to confirm you actually want to trash an item that is in your inventory. This should help you avoid accidentally trashing the wrong item.

Shopping Updates

Shopping Updates
We've listened to our players and added a few much asked for updates to how players shop.
  1. As mentioned above, Reagents can now be bought and sold in bulk at the Bazaar, and this applies to Pet Snacks as well!
  2. The Bazaar limit for Reagents has been raised to 500 per type.
  3. Players can no longer preview the contents of eggs in the Dye Shop.
  4. The maximum amount of gold that a character can have has been increased to 200 000.
  5. There is now a confirmation window to ensure you really want to sell a Crowns item.
  6. The order of Recipes in the Recipe Shops are now sorted by Crafter Level and then by price.

Details, details, details...

Below are some small but important details to note about changes made in this update.
  1. Second Chance chests will now give players an item even if their backpack is full, but note that item will go into the BANK.
  2. Wooden Chests will begin appearing in Grizzleheim.
  3. Some single Pet Hatching sigils have been added to the Hatchery for those who want to hatch two of their own pets, without a partner.
  4. Damage over Time spells will now take equipment damage bonus into account for each time the spell does damage.
  5. Raven Fortress Gates should no longer block your way during the Blood Brother quest.
  6. Players will no longer need to complete a series of side quests to enter the Dojo during the level 48 Life School Quest 'Summer is Coming'.
  7. Players can no longer use /r to speak to players not on your friends list.
  8. Life Henchmen will now heal injured players.
  9. Players will now receive exit warnings when leaving dungeons by the front door.
  10. Silver Chests no longer have the sigil in front.
  11. If you're under level 12 when you speak to Mr Lincoln, he will encourage you to return when you're level 12 if you want to exchange your secondary spell cards for the Training Points you spent on them.
  12. Kenedy the Klaw has discarded his fire deck in favor of the Myth Deck he should have been using all along.
  13. Block PvP Enemy Chat will be set to 'Yes' for all new players.
  14. Deleted players no longer show up in Friends lists.
  15. Elixirs can no longer be cancelled while in combat.
  16. Quest Helper is now available in Tomb of the Beguiler.
  17. Watch your language. Several chat exploits have been eliminated and failure to abide by the Terms of Use regarding chat can result in a permanent ban from Wizard101.
  18. Zeke's old sign in Olde Town has been removed.
  19. Cyrus found only a handful of typos this time around, and they have been corrected.