Saturday, September 24, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Star

First of all I'm going to warn you this post has nothing to do with Wizard 101 so if you come here for pure Wizard 101 content then you can skip this post. Anyway as most of my friends know I'm a gigantic Disney fan. Disney is part of my life and a part of me in itself. So to celebrate this wonderful Saturday I'm going to count down MY favorite Disney Films and what I think is the best song in that particular movie. So sit back relax and enjoy the post.

10.Pocahontas(Ignore the Cinderella thing up there that was an accident.)
      Pocahontas is about a young princess who teaches a settler(John Smith) to respect the world around you and to always keep peace.
Colors of the Wind

9.Beauty and the Beast
 Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle a young girl who is regarded as crazy by her townspeople. One day she finds her father in a menacing Beast's castle and she trades places with him to be the prisoner of the beast where she finds that beauty is on the inside.

Beauty and the Beast

8:Peter Pan
     Easily one of the of my favorite Disney movies the wonderful classic tells the tale of the boy who never grows up along with some other kids, Native Neverlanders, Crocodiles, Mermaids, Pirates, and of course fairies.
You Can Fly

7: Aladdin
    A diamond in the ruff traps and evil adviser with the help of a princess, monkey, tiger, carpet, and genie. One word Epic!
A Whole New World

6:The Princess and the Frog
      A young girl wants to open her own restaurant and all she needs is a little hard work and a frog prince.
Almost There

5:The Hunchback of Notre Dame
       This is perhaps the darkest of all the Disney movies but it's one I highly reccomend watching. It teaches you(like Beauty and the Beast) that its whats inside that truly counts(and to never trust someone named Judge Claude Frollo who lives in France and hates gypsies.
God Help the Outcasts

   Hercules wants to become a hero but its not that simple this movie teaches you that the strength of your brain and muscles is not enough. I put two songs here because its very hard to decide.

Go the Distance
Zero to Hero

3:The Jungle Book
     Rudyard Kipling's classic tale retold in the most beautiful form. I love this movie with all of my heart, so much that I can't put into words.

The Bare Necessities 

2:The Little Mermaid
     I've always felt bad for Ariel. All she wanted to see was the human world and she had to go through so much to get it. I think she would agree with me that it was worth it though. Again two songs because it was so hard to decide.

Under the Sea

Part of Your World

1:The Lion King
      This movie was my childhood. I grew up with it and watched it everyday. All Simba wants to do is to be Lion King but its not that simple with his scheming uncle Scar.

Circle of Life

Honorable Mentions
Sleeping Beauty
Up(Disney Pixar Counts)
Alice in Wonderland(Both of them)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Lilo and Stitch
Toy Story
Thanks for reading, see ya in the Spiral!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burn Fairies Burn

Sorry about not posting for a while, if you haven't heard there are new pets in the crown shop! One of which includes a Fire Fairy thing. I can't wait to see the talents on Petnome. Anyway I was just posting to let you know that I'm alive!See ya in the Spiral!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dedicated to America.

As you all know on September 11th 2001, planes crashed into each World Trade Center, another into the Pentagon, and finally one in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. On this tragic day over 3000 people died. Resulting in one of the most tragic days in American history. As the tenth anniversary rolls by please pause to remember all of the people who perished in the horrific attacks as well as the courageous first responders who worked tirelessly in its aftermath.