Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Fantastically Fabulous Fluttering Fairy Wing Contest!

Hi guys well as you can see from the title of the post I'm going to be giving away some fairy wings to one of you reading this post! Okay I'm just going to get right to the rules. To win the Fairy Wings you must create a fairy/elf inspired outfit that you would wear with the wings.You must also write a short paragraph about why you chose those items. The stats don't count so just focus on the looks. Here are the rules!
  • You may NOT use the Elven Attire found in the Crowns Shop
  • You must take a screenshot of the outfit and send it to me at my email.(
  • Deadline is Friday, August 12th at 11:59 P.M. Central Time
  • Extra Points if your Pet,Wand, and/or Background fit the costume
I hope you guys do great with the contest and good luck to everyone! See ya in the Spiral!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shirataki Temple:Divide and Conquer

  Shirataki Temple is one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game and is a unique one too. "As you emerge from the dense bamboo forest you see a small lake with a quaint island in the middle, but above it lies a temple carved into a rock face from the purest jade in Mooshu. How could a place so beautiful and pure be the place of the Plague Oni? As you approach the temple you vow to make things right by defeating the monster, but Wave bringer has conjured up a force field of storm magic preventing you from advancing further. After a few quests you find the final task to destroy the force field, to purify four temples of Spirit, Earth, Air, and Fire." Now this is my favorite part. The cool thing about this dungeon is that its the only dungeon in the main storyline that allows you to separate from the group and take things upon your own hands to purify the temple. Since there are four temples that allows groups of four to tackle all the temples simultaneously. No other dungeon makes you do four different tasks where each can be completed by one person. When you separate it feels as if the entire group is counting on you to do your task. Which most try very hard to accomplish. I know the post didn't have too much relevance to anything but I just felt like sharing this with everyone. See ya in the Spiral!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tiny Moodha, Mason in the Krokosphinx, and Story Discontinued

Hi wizards this morning new housing items came into the spiral! I'm not going to list them here, go log in and see them yourself. All of them are in the crowns shop.(Note that the Moodha statue is tiny!) Also I think I'm going to discontinue the story I had a great plan for it but I really couldn't organize a true plot for it. I'll just give you a quick peek at what the plot was. After dying the characters find themselves in the Spiral where they talk to Merle and Gamma and find out what school of magic they are. Suddenly they all wake up in a Hospital where they realize they almost died but Merle saved them, They eventually venture between the Spiral and Earth combating evil on both worlds. I really couldn't think of a good plot for a villain so we'll just stop the fan-fiction maybe I'll restart it sometime. Lastly Mason has made it to the Krokosphinx. When your playing a storm wizard everything seems to go a lot faster. I'm almost level 20 and I have some great gear for Mason when he finally reaches the level. (If your wondering about Cody since I haven't posted about him in about 8 months he's in the grand chasm, almost finished with it actually) See ya in the Spiral!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Delay

Sorry about not posting the chapters I'm really busy and as soon as everything gets back to normal(in a few days) then I'll post them. Thanks for understanding :)
See ya in the Spiral!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guardians of the Spiral Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Wildfire- Jason raced through the forest avoiding the flames that engulfed the area. The fire seemed to leap at him like a Cougar attacking a Deer. All of it was spreading rapidly. What had started as a simple camping trip had turned into a nightmare. He and his parents had gone on a monthly camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He had gone out to look for some wood to burn a fire but out of nowhere smoke covered the area. He started running and had been running ever since. But then he suddenly stopped running. He had ran to the edge of a cliff and was cornered if he stayed the shock from the fire would probably tumble him off. Jason's mind raced, should he stand his ground or run straight into the brilliant orange flames that had covered the normally peaceful and quaint landscape. The fire was approaching fast and he had to act fast. So without thinking Jason ran away from the cliff straight into the flames.His body was overwhelmed with heat and there was no part that didn't ache. He was losing sense of where he was. His mind started going into shutdown mode he knew this was it there was no escape he was dying and there was no stopping the fire. He closed his eyes and prepared to die he hoped his family would be fine without him and as his last moments approached him he quickly smiled and then everything went black.
Chapter 2:Blizzard: Nicole huddled next to the run down shack it was too small to enter and it looked unstable anyway. Nicole was on a simple skiing trip with her school but then she and her friend had gotten lost on the mountain, A storm soon set in and they had to huddle next to this shack. Her friend Erin had gone to find help 2 days ago but she had never returned, it had now been 3 days alone in a blizzard with no food or water. Frostbite was slowly killing Nicole and the blizzard had no intention of stopping. She was persistent though, she would try to live as long as she could but she knew it couldn't be too much longer. Her heart was beating slower and slower by the second. Her fingers were purple and she was homesick. Her mother had advised her not to go on this trip, she had always been right why hadn't she realized that. Her body was slowly warming up which meant she had hypothermia too another problem. She knew her time was up she wanted to go and find Erin but she had no strength. The best thing she could was close her eyes fall asleep and hope for death. She pondered the thought for a few minutes as she constantly shivered. She finally laid back on the snow and closed her eyes for what would be the very last time.
I hope you guys like the story two more chapters tomorrow(Tempest,Earthquake) See ya in the Spiral!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone I hope you'll have a great day!  I would also like to give a shout out to one of my best IRL friends as its her birthday. See you in the Spiral!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Roasted Halfang with a Side of Grilled Raven

Hi guys sorry for not posting in a while. Anyway on to today's post, I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite bosses. So get ready for story(maybe poem) time.
             Once there was a pig who was very mean
In no way was he lean
His friend a Raven stood at his side
Little did they know they both would be fried. 
The raven escaped abandoning his friend
Soon after that Halfang met his end
100 years later the Raven returned
To share some exciting news he had learned
A group called the Coven were going to rise from the shadows
And no he had not hear this on the radio
A wizard suddenly came and ran in
Challenging Halfang to face the beasts from whiten
The battle raged for a few minutes so 
Halfang was roasted, wizard destroying his foe
If you haven't guessed what boss I'm talking about then your answer is Halfang! This guy is in Vestrilund and has studied in the school of storm with his raven friend being myth. Both he and his bird brain friend have less then 2000 health and AMAZING drops. Some of the amulets he drops sell up to 12000 gold a piece! In about 45 minutes my gold went from 17000 to 90000. Here are some pictures of me and Heather Raven farming him this morning.

Don't forget to help support the guardians of HiaG as they fight to protect Homework.
See ya in the Spiral!