Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sun Will Rise

    This is not a Wizard 101 post but I personally believe that this may be the most important post I have ever written. Many of us have been bullied and even if you haven't chances are you know someone who has been. Recently I saw a video titled "Making The Bus Monitor Cry" (I will not post a link because the video is horrible and contains inappropriate language). This video shocked me, stunned me, and broke my heart. I have never seen a group of children bully someone else so extensively. These children tormented an elderly lady named Karen Klein to the point of her crying. They teased her about her weight, her age , and even her economical status. Another thing that shocked me is that NO ONE stood up for her. This sort of think happens everyday throughout the world and very little attention is brought to this major issue over a long period of time. To all the Wizards out there, remember you are not the only person in this world with emotions. Behind the computer screen there are real people. No one deserves to be treated in such a manner. Karen makes very little money and she works diligently on her job but the kids still treat her this way. Here is a site where you can donate money to Karen to let her take a well deserved vacation or retire. If you or someone you know is being bullied don't sit there and let it happen take a stand and help them or tell an adult. If you are being bullied right now remember that you are not alone and that there will always be someone there for you no matter how bad things may seem. And to Karen, I applaude you on the way you handled the situation you are a remarkable woman and I hope for your well being in the future. "The sun will rise."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

When Real Life Strikes Back

   Sorry for not posting for a while. I've been in the middle of moving so a lot of my time has been occupied by IRL commitments but since it's summer I have free time now! The only bad thing is that my school starts in July but it does end in April. During my absence I have finished Avalon and I can honestly say it was great. More on that later, see ya in the spiral!

PS: Post number 100!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Having A Wild Time in Avalon

    Though I haven't been chronicling my adventures throughout Avalon yet (I will start with this post though) I have been adventuring through it. I am presently in "The Wild" and it is an absolute blast. I love almost every part of the update and world. The only thing that could make it better would be a level 80 dungeon and level 78 spells but that might be a bit much. I have also noticed that throughout the world you often re-visit past areas for your quests. I really like this mechanic. It helps make a world longer without having to make entirely new areas. When you come back to an area after a long time it all feels new and it saves time for Kingsisle! Another thing I noticed about the world is that the characters are not very responsible or hard-working. The "Sword of Kings" is literally passed down from person to person and so far none of them have kept it. This shows that before the events of late that the world really didn't face many hardships or troubles this is attitude is especially true among the wealthier residents of the world (stereotype right there).
     Another thing I adore about Avalon is the scenery. Everything is so detailed that I sometimes forget that this was once just computer code. Each house has it's own unique story to it that can be interpreted in many different ways personalizing the game experience toward the mind-set of each player. To me one house may have been ransacked by "Froudlings" to another the owner may just be to lazy to clean up the mess he or she made. I can look at the Toadstool Village in "The Wild" and say that all the Leprechauns there make shoes and worship Cassie the Ponycorn. Or I could state that Cassie is their prisoner. Though you could do this with other worlds it is much easier in Avalon.
   So far Avalon is a fantastic world and I will be posting more in the future. Till then at the bottom are a few pictures of my adventures in Avalon. See ya in the Spiral!

This NEEDS to be a mount.

Looking out towards the moat surrounding Caer Lyon

Me using Basilisk on some random fox person. 

Badgers casting Forest Lord on me in High Road.

Thawing out the Fire Elf Village in "The Wild"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

    Today April 22 is Earth Day. A day to celebrate our planet and strive to protect it. Each year the United States alone produces over 360 billion pounds of waste and 14 billion of those pounds are dumped in our oceans. Oceans provide vital resources for many different types of marine animals as well as millions of people around the world. All this trash pollutes the ocean which produces half of the worlds oxygen. If the ocean is polluted so is our air. If you live near a body of water that is polluted let your local government know that you would like it to be protected.  Energy is wasted as well. Did you know that enough solar energy reaches the earth everyday to power the planet for 27 years. See if you can get your community to start installing solar panels. Habitat destruction is a major cause of animal extinction. Don't buy products made from palm oil to save rain forests in Borneo. Try not to litter as well. Litter may be eaten by animals and cause them to have health problems. These are only a few of the things we can do to help our earth here are more.

                                        The cast of Glee sharing tips for helping the environment.

A 1992 speech to the UN.

Earth Song- Michael Jackson
     There are so many things we can do to help our earth. Even informing others about the actions threatening our home makes a difference. One person can change the world. Why not start today?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Basilisk in the Jungle

    In my scrambling to finish Zafaria I have finally reached Drum Jungle! I also received my basilisk spell right before that as you can see in the new header. So far I'm doing good right now I'm on a quest to defeat Gorilla Spider Witches. The problem with them is that they're myth. If only I had the mass prism spell. At this rate I should be done with Zafaria really soon. Hopefully just in time for Avalon! See ya in the Spiral!

-Connor Mistblade

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As you all have heard the new world of Avalon has been released. I can't wait to start it as soon as I finish Zafaria. Anyway I just wanted to check in with you guys so see ya really soon in the spiral!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Busy Bee Is Me!

Sorry for being away for so long. I really haven't been active on Wizard 101 for a while but I promise I will start getting on again. I will see ya in the Spiral.

PS: Sorry for the corny title but I have been really busy.