Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cody in Marleybone Celestia Wallpaper and Weekly Contest

Hi guys, well Cody has reached Marleybone and is now in Hyde Park. Also a new Celestia wallpaper has been revealed here it is.

Lastly a weekly contest will now be going on. The prize will always be Wiz Blox codes. Some will be better then others maybe it will be your lucky week,don't expect amazing things most of them will most likely be gold. So comment to enter,don't forget contact info! I will twist the contest sometimes but this time is normal. See ya in the Spiral.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pvp Tips

We all know pvp is hard to do so here are some tips from warlords(and me) to help us all out.
First up an interview with pvp warlord Samantha Darkflame.
Q:What attracted you to the world of pvp?
A:I just loved the commander gear with the wings lol.
Q:What is your favorite strategy?
A: First I feint, then I use a tower on myself, and when I get 7 power pips I use Judgement.
Q:If you could change anything about pvp what would it be?
A:I would make it so that it would be more balanced when you lose and win. I.E when you lose you lose 10 rank and when you win you gain 10.
Q:Do you have any tips for new pvpers?
A:Never give up and make sure to have tower shield.
Thanks Samantha!

Now the 10 top tips for winning in Pvp
By:Katherine Sunstone and Connor Mistblade
1.Shield a lot it will help you go far.
2.Make sure your only putting in cards you need.
3.Heal when you need too,don't delay it otherwise you could die.
4.Make sure you have a good power pip percentage, it can really help you.
5.Have a good resist, that will help you win.
Now my tips-
6.Make sure you know how to play against each school
7.Keep some heals,toughs, and keens in your sideboard those will become useful when you are losing
8.Be kind to your opponent(s).
9.When playing with a group communication is vital.
10.Have Fun!

Hope those will help lots of people see ya in the spiral.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Template and Myth Wiz Diary 2

Hi guys, hope you like the new template. I felt like mountains were more fitting for the blog. If anybody dislikes it comment and tell me. (Myth Wiz Diary 2)-My Ice wizard (Cody) has dominated the Pyramid of The Sun. The fire monsters there didn't stand a chance. I also got the awesome Ice Armor spell which is proving to be very useful. Sadly Cody is having tons of trouble in the Krokosphinx. The monsters kill me before I can prism trap and attack. Connor has been doing some crafting  and is getting closer to completing part one of the Dragonspyre crafting quest. He has also been doing some pvp to get him ready for Celestia./ Thats it so see ya in the spiral!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Petnome Release and Something Else

The Petnome has been released it contains loads of great information on pet skills. Hats off to Kevin Battleblood and the rest of the team. Now the Pet Behavior thing seems a little useless so I figure something wit clothing would be better. I am really going to need tons of help on this one so I have to find that first if you guys have any name ideas post it in a comment.See ya in the Spiral.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Into Krokotopia

Cody's First Kroktopian Battle

Cody seeing the Oasis for the first time.

Cody in Krok

Cody has made it to Krokotopia! He is doing really good in the Pyramid of the Sun, and is now level 15 with some really good gear. The Royal Hall is done so I am at the Chamber of Fire. Here are some pictures.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Out of Wizard City

Cody is now done with Wizard City. I did some major questing in the last few days, and got him through everything. Everything except Collosus Boulevard, I am working on that right now then on to Krokotopia. Here are some random pictures above.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Celestia Wallpaper

New Celestia Wallpaper! This one contains 9 yes 9 new shillouttes. So much taunting, they are probably going to release two at a time now enjoy. There is even a squid in the background now!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cody Iceblade

Guess what guys yes you guessed it a new wizard. This is my second wizard is an Ice. I am loving Ice, I did Golem Tower at level 5 so it is pretty cool. (More updates soon to come.) See ya in the spiral.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pet Behavior

Well we all know about the Petnome Project which is awesome, but today I was thinking why is no one studying the small things. Well I think I will do something like the Petnome on Pet Behavior meaning how pets dance, how they run away, how they come to you, their hatch time, and maybe even their drop rate. The drop rate thing is just to test if different pets are easier or harder to get. Maybe even which snacks each pet likes the best. This is just to inform you guys about it so see ya in the spiral.

Winner and Warehouse

The winner of the contest is
Isaac Mistheart! Isaac your code will be coming to you. I will be having more contests in the future so keep reading.
Next up is my win of the Warehouse this morning I and 2 of my friends finished the Warehouse! I have to say it was extremely fun. Especially the last battle against the terrible 4. Here is a picture at the end above. Well nothing else so see ya in the Spiral.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Contest Closed

The Contest is now officially closed I will be announcing the winner tomorrow. I hope whoever wins will love their brand new Galvanic Hammer. So see you tomorrow in the Spiral for the winner!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Silver Collosus and Kensington Team

Hi guys you probably know why I made this post. I got the Silver Collosus! Vaden is an awesome pet and now my second favorite. He will never beat my loyal orthrus Spike who I consider not my pet, but my partner. Here is a picture of Vaden above. Also I really want that Seraph pet so I am looking for a team to run Kensington for a while with. You must..................

.be a grandmaster
.have text chat or open chat
.want the seraph
.be on often for example at least once every two days
.be a team person
.have beaten Malistaire
be an active community member
I hope you guys join I will tell you when all three positions are filled if you want to join just email me at with the name of your wizard their level, school, and name. Only one wizard per person. See ya in the Spiral.