Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Whole New Gift Card

I just got the new Sultan's Palace gift card at Gamestop. I've yet to redeem it(about to do that) I can't wait to use. To celebrate summer and the blazing heat I've Arabian themed my blog. I hope you guys like it sorry about the giant header I can't figure out to shrink it. I've also got one of  my favorite songs to share with you I hope you like it. See ya in the Spiral!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mega Gift Card and the Ravenwood Ball

Hi wizards well the new mega gift card has been released! It includes many cool new items including things like a Snake in a Basket pet and a new Sultan's Palace house! Also the second annual Ravenwood Ball has come click here for all the details. Thats all for know see you in the Spiral!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Story

I finally have a preview of "the story" the title is still secret for soon the first chapter will be up. Here is the preview!
 "Keith looked at the the shimmering water the sun glistened of it's smooth edges it cascaded through the Cave like an ocean. Why had he dropped the key. There was only one way to get it back, diving. He looked at Peanut for motivation but he just cowered back. Keith was alone on this challenge. He took a step back he felt as if his head was swelling due to the tension build up. Suddenly Peanut bit his leg and he suddenly fell in. The water was cool as it passed onto Keith's face, the tension was dissolving presently. Then he saw it right at the bottom, the beautiful silver key. He only had a small amount of time before he would have to surface so he swam down like a storm shark. He was getting closer and closer till he saw a lightning bolt come straight at him. He swerved and it hit his hip the pain was immense but the sight he saw next was worse. A 10 foot tall kraken was looming near the key. Keith remembered that Liu Dong had said that krakens lurked in the water. Like dragons they hoarded treasure and that was what the key was. Then he realized the kraken sent another lightning bolt at him. It hit him right in the neck. Only then did he realize he was drowning."
See ya in the Spiral!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Movie For All Wizards

As you all know Wintertusk has come to the Spiral to help you get into the mood you should see "Thor". The movie relates so much to the Norse Mythology we deal with in Wizard 101, theres even Frost Giants. I recommended this movie for all Wizards out there especially right now since we're all in the viking mood. See ya in the Spiral!

PS: The mystery composer is Nick Jonas just in case you've been living under a rock.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get Ready!

Get your Wizards into coats bundle up your pets and get those wands ready. Wintertusk is coming into the live game tomorrow. The game will be offline from 12 to 7 A.M. for Kingsisle to input this amazing update. So many new things are being added I can't wait. Read the update notes on the Wizard 101 website for full details. One of the best things(In my opinion) is the level 58 pets we've all been waiting for. The Wintertusk storyline is supposed to be amazing, can't wait to play through it(but first I have to stop being lazy and finish up Ravenscar). I'm going to Niagara Falls from Thursday-Sunday so I might not be able to post. I have a story coming up that I hope you'll like. Just a little hint about the plot(in riddle form) "The Waves have not settled in the land of life, for death is falling upon many who wander around day or night, what is wrong with the land could this be the work of a spirits hand? One wizard from the rice fields must take a stand lest shadows of plague shall destroy the village and cropland." I hope it sounds interesting when I reveal the title you'll be saying "are you serious, thats the most pathetic title ever" but I tried to make it sound a little comical. Anyway see you in Wintertusk!